Thank you for installing the new version of the EOS in Mesa, that might be very useful for astroseismology.  However, like A. Gautschy I get the following error during installation:

ERROR:  bad header info in ../../data/eosDT_data/
                         min_version > ep% versionT        50        49

first file is short
< ERROR:  bad header info in ../../data/eosDT_data/
--- field 6
>                              P      6.2100730711604395E+11
<                          min_version > ep% versionT        50        49
--- field 6
>                              E      1.1185928203373142E+14
--- field 2
>                              S      8.9350156636595654E+08

TEST FAILED -- compare test_output to tmp.txt

Gertjan Savonije