[Mesa-users] announcing the MESA at Konkoly Summer School Program

Meridith Joyce meridith.joyce at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 14:59:39 UTC 2023

Dear MESA community,

After 11 years of MESA Summer Schools in Santa Barbara, California, we are
excited to announce the first MESA Summer School program to take place in
Europe: MESA at Konkoly.

Konkoly Observatory is located in beautiful Budapest, Hungary. The venue is
nearby Hotel Benczúr: https://mesahub.github.io/summer-school-2023/lodging/

As in previous years, the program consists of a series of lectures on
topics in stellar astrophysics and associated MESA lab exercises.
Information on lecturers, TAs, and subject material can be found here:

*Applications are due on March 21st, 2023. *The application can be found
here: https://mesahub.github.io/summer-school-2023/application/

Questions may be addressed to the coordinators listed below or the program
email address: MESASummerSchool2023 at gmail.com

Please forward this announcement to your departments or any other
colleagues who might be interested.

Best regards,

Meridith Joyce, Program Director
Earl Bellinger, Chair, SOC
Eoin Farrell, SOC
Radek Smolec, SOC
László Molnár, Chair, LOC
Maria Lugaro, LOC
Giulia Cinquegrana, Teaching Coordinator
Bill Wolf, Webmaster
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