[Mesa-users] Installing MESA on HPC

Bradley Munson bmunso2 at lsu.edu
Fri Jan 6 18:24:14 UTC 2023

Hi All,

It seems the older SDK version is working just fine. Thanks for the help and suggestions!

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Hi Brad,
Most HPC clusters have Singularity installed. It is a virtualization framework with which you can run Docker containers. I have never tried it myself, but intended to. It should be straight forward to run MESA in NuDocker in Singularity if your HPC supports that. If there is a version of MESA that is currently not supported by NuDocker and that there is a need for let me know and I would probably be able to update the NuDocker images library to support that specific version.
Cheers, Falk.

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Hi All,

I'm trying to install MESA version 21.12.1 on our HPC. I don't have a lot of control over what packages are installed on the HPC, but I've never had problems installing MESA with the SDK until now.

I've attached a text file with the terminal output I get while installing MESA. The error is something to do with dwarf version '5' not being handled by the 'reader'. I get the sense that these errors have something to do with the upgrade to gcc 12.1.0, because I've never had such an issue with 10.2.0. Does anybody either know of a workaround or have a fresh copy of the Linux SDK before 12.1.0 was used for this version? The SDK website doesn't seem to have one for a version beyond 15140.

Thank you,

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