[Mesa-users] mistery: query MIST's web interpolators in Python

Warrick Ball W.H.Ball at bham.ac.uk
Mon Feb 13 16:04:05 UTC 2023

Hi everyone,

I'm pleased to announce the first publicised version of "mistery", a small open-source Python package that queries the MIST web interpolators.


mistery was born from my want to make it easy for students (particulary undergraduates) to quickly get realistic stellar evolution to experiment with.  It offers only four functions, to retrieve a single track, a set of tracks with different masses, a single isochrone or a set of isochrones with different ages.

It is *not* intended as a tool for scientific analysis, but if you need Gaia photometry of a 2.2 Msun track at low metallicity and with a little reddening, you'll find it in

     track = mistery.get_track(M=2.2, FeH=-1.0, Av=0.1, photometry='UBVRIplus')

Any feedback is welcome!



Warrick Ball
Senior Research Software Engineer
University of Birmingham
W.H.Ball at bham.ac.uk

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