[Mesa-users] A query regarding re-running mesa binary from intermediate steps

Pulkit Ojha pulkit.ojha at niser.ac.in
Sat Feb 4 18:11:59 UTC 2023

Dear MESA users,

I'm working with MESA binary (evolving a donor star with a point mass) and
currently I have to stop MESA binary at intermediate steps using the
"max_model_number" option for the donor star and then restart it again from
that step only using "./re'. If I do it repeatedly for 30 steps (stopping
and restarting at every step), then the calculated binary parameters turn
out to be *different* as compared to the case when MESA has run without
stopping at intermediate steps.
Also, the binary module re-starts from steps 1 after 41 steps whereas the
donor star keeps on evolving.

Any possible suggestions why is this happening and how can this be avoided?
Such as anything about the "./re" option I might have been missing.

Yours Truly
Pulkit Ojha
5th Year Integrated MSc.,
School of Physical Sciences,
National Institute of Science Education and Research
Bhubaneswar, INDIA
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