[Mesa-users] Stellar Convective Zone Evolution

Radek Smolec smolec at camk.edu.pl
Thu Feb 2 23:05:32 UTC 2023

Dear Chris,

What you see is an artifact and not the deepening of the surface convection
zone. Notice that conv_mx_1_*, conv_mx_2_* do not follow a boundary of the
specific convective region (eg., of the convective core, or of the
convective envelope), but the largest, by mass, convective region.
My guess is that a very thin convective shell develops in your models a top
of the convective core and hence the spikes in your plot. I suggest to
trace more convective regions, by using:
 mixing_regions <integer>
for your history.file, see $MESA_DIR/star/default/history_column.list for
the description. Be careful with the plotting as these, again, will not
follow a specific convective region, but consecutive convective regions
starting from the center
Kind regards,

czw., 2 lut 2023 o 23:04 Chris Wang via Mesa-users <
mesa-users at lists.mesastar.org> napisał(a):

> Dear MESA users,
> I am a sophomore undergraduate physics/astronomy student from JHU, and I
> am using MESA to understand the convective zone evolution of main sequence
> stars of different masses. I simulated stellar models of different masses
> and solar metallicity to the TAMS stage with following command:
> *xa_central_lower_limit_species(1) = 'h1'*
> *xa_central_lower_limit(1) = 1d-3*
> When I plotted the Kippenhaln diagram using *conv_mx_1_top,
> conv_mx_1_bot, conv_mx_2_top, conv_mx_2_bot* parameters from history.data
> files, there is some strange “deepening” of surface convective zone for
> stars of mass between 1.2 solar mass and 1.8 solar mass, which probably
> should not take place. For example, for 1.4 solar mass stellar model, there
> seems to be an “oscillation” of surface convective zone at ~1Myr. I have
> attached those Kippenhaln diagrams in this email. I am wondering if you can
> offer me some physical explanations for this phenomenon, or maybe point out
> some potential “bugs” in my simulation. Thank you so much!
> Best,
> Chris Wang
> Johns Hopkins University
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