[Mesa-users] Questions regarding PISN

Bear Ealeal ealeal44 at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 18 05:56:44 UTC 2022

Dear MESA users,

I am trying to understand the example of PISN in MESA 22.05.1.

In testsuite: When the routine finished in the last inlist of inlist_finishthere are three physical stoppingconditions:

log_Rsurf_upper_limit = 5d0

     fe_core_infall_limit = 2.5d7

     remnant_mass_min_limit = 20d0 ! stop here for completely unbound cases.

I have afew questions:

1.      I am not sure I follow the logic, PISN should leave no remnant, but the conditions refer to a remnant.How does it work? Does the code assumes that at this point we can notcontinue numerically and aPISN is unavoidable?

2.      Also is there adifference in the final outcome between the conditions ? so far I only receivedthis one” remnant_mass_min_limit” and then I get “star is unbound” ,I run a few runs around 200Mo so far up to 170Mo, so the terminal writes “staris unbound”.
3.      I am not sure Iunderstand the number of “required_termination_code_string(number)”, how doesthis number work, I could not find something that connects it to the stopping condition.I only found in do_one_utils.f90 the output of the terminal, so I am guessingit only applies to added termination strings and not to existing ones? is this true or did I miss something?
4.     I tried looking at anotherexample in test_suite: a CCSN for comparison: the stopping condition  there is   fe_core_infall_limit = 1d7, which is lowerthan PISN, here there is remnant so I understand the stopping condition butwhy is the number lower than PISN?

Thanks inadvance for all your help,


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