[Mesa-users] The nuclear burning after log T = 9.85 is stop ?

辛文宇 wyxin at nao.cas.cn
Wed Sep 14 03:04:37 UTC 2022


I am using  a example '25M_pre_ms_to_core_collapse' in test_suite of MESA 12778

to evolve a star form ZAMS to Fe core collapse.

Some of the inlist files are attached. The following three header files are used successively.




When log T_c reaches 9.85, the 'inlist_to_lgT_9.9_header' is finished and 

the 'inlist_convert_header' is continue. This file seems evolve the models forwards 100 steps.

Then the file 'inlist_finish_header' will finish the folloing evolution until the log Rho_c reaches

10.4 g cm^-3. However, in this part, the logT and logRho increases, but the nuclear burning

in the outer shell seems to stopped. I am sure why. 

Here also attached a Kippenhahn diagram for M = 28 Msun. 

When logT_c =9.85, log t_final - t = -5, at the end of the calculation log t_final - t = -8.

It seems that from the center  to M_r=8 Msun, all the nuclear burning is stopped.

I also checked the energy generation rate of C, O and Si burning in the profileXX.data

they are 0 in this stage.


Wenyu Xin
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