[Mesa-users] MESA Rotation

Chris Wang lwang178 at jhu.edu
Tue Sep 13 17:24:27 UTC 2022

Dear MESA users,
I am new to MESA, so please bear with me if this question looks too stupid.
I've been using MESA to simulate the evolution Pre-Main Sequence stars. In my project, I need to set up an initial rotation rate for the pre-main sequence star to evolve, so that when the star reaches the ZAMS, it has exactly a particular rotation velocity (say 1 rev per day). I can certainly try different initial rotation rates and see how the rate changes when the star evolves to the ZAMS, but since I will be simulating many different stellar models with different stellar mass and metallicity, that is probably not feasible since the initial condition would then be different for each different model. I'm wondering whether there is a more efficient solution to set up an initial rotation rate so that the rotation rate at ZAMS evolve exactly to a particular value? Any help would be really appreciated!!!
Chris Wang
Sophomore Physics Student at JHU

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