[Mesa-users] Revision of structral variables after mass adjustement in new versions of MESA

Arman Aryaeipour a.aryaeipour at surrey.ac.uk
Fri Sep 9 16:21:00 UTC 2022

Hello MESA-users,

I had a question about the revision of structural variables after mass adjustment.

I can see that MESA versions up to mesa-r15140 revised lnT, lnd, velocity and other structural variables to reflect the new stellar structure after mass adjustment. In mesa-r15140, I can see that this is done in the set_cell_stuff_for_d_dt and set_face_stuff_for_d_dt subroutines within the do_adjust_mass subroutine.

However, in MESA versions mesa-r21.12.1 and mesa-r22.05.1 these subroutines have been taken out and I can't see a replacement for them, or their function being carried out elsewhere in the code. Are the structural variables revised after mass adjustment in these two new versions of MESA? I'm currently using MESA version mesa-r21.12.1.

My apologies if this is a silly question with an obvious answer. Many thanks in advance!

Kindest regards,
Arman Aryaeipour
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