[Mesa-users] New MESA SDK releases for MacOS Ventura

Francis Timmes fxt44 at mac.com
Fri Oct 28 12:38:47 UTC 2022

nice. thanks! test suite is rolling on head on both architectures.

a gentle reminder on the process (or at least mine) ...
upgrade to venture (13.0).
open xcode (14.0.1, let it do its thing, close xcode.
install the command line tools with xcode-select --install .
install the mesa sdk.


> On Oct 26, 2022, at 1:25 PM, RICHARD H D TOWNSEND via Mesa-users <mesa-users at lists.mesastar.org> wrote:
> Hi folks —
> I’m pleased to announce new releases of the MESA SDK that support the latest MacOS version (13, Ventura). Here are the links:
> http://user.astro.wisc.edu/~townsend/resource/download/mesasdk/mesasdk-x86_64-macos-22.10.1.pkg (for Intel hardware)
> http://user.astro.wisc.edu/~townsend/resource/download/mesasdk/mesasdk-aarch64-macos-22.10.1.pkg (for M1/M2 hardware)
> If you’ve not yet upgraded to Ventura, there’s no pressing need to install one of these — but it shouldn’t hurt.
> cheers,
> Rich
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