[Mesa-users] What could we do and how to interprete data from profileN.data ?

Agung Prawira Negara agungprawiranegara3 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 16:18:42 UTC 2022

Hello mesa users!
This is the follow-up to this question (
I've read all of those answers from josiah and bill and could say I

> So a line in that file like
>        425           1          57
>means look at profile57.data to find the output from step 425.
>The middle number is the priority.  Priority level 2 is for models saved
>because of some special event in the evolution such as the onset of
>helium burning. Priority level 1 is for models saved because the number
>of models since the most recent profile has reached the currently
>setting of the profile_interval parameter.

But here is the question, I have *history.data* from a model that I run, I
want to gather data from timestep 1000 which is corresponding to
profile13.data (just for example), if I open the profile13.data, i have
column namely zone, LogT, logRho, logP, logR, etc which is have a 39000++
rows.What is this mean ? what is this 39000++ rows meaning for a single
timestep (timestep 1000)?

I still didn't understand this concept, because I thought timestep 1000
corresponding with one condition in stellar evolution. how could that one
condition again have 39000++ rows ? how to interpret data from files
profile13.data ?

Thank you very much for your help and I'm really sorry for this "trivial"
question, but still this is a thing that I don't understand, so still
worthy to ask.

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