[Mesa-users] Custom Reaction Rates in MESA

Brian Lutz brian.lutz at mines.sdsmt.edu
Fri Oct 21 06:43:55 UTC 2022


I am working on creating a 1 solar mass model with custom reaction rates
(currently, the reaction rates are completely random) for the pp1 chain and
have been encountering a problem.
Inside my work directory, called Custom_PP_Rates, I have a directory called
customRates which includes the three rate tables (toy_pp.txt, toy_dp.txt,
toy_2he3.txt) as well as rate_list.txt.  I then call rates_tables_dir =
'customRates' inside the &star_job section in my inlist_project.  When I do
./mk and then ./rn I get the following error message:

add_reaction_for_handle failed in reaclib_parse_handle r_h1_h1_wk_h2

 invalid rate file r_h1_h1_wk_h2 'toy_pp.txt'

 rates_init failed in init_raw_rates_records

 read_raw_rates_records failed in net_setup_tables

 set_net failed in net_tables

 failed in set_net

 star_create_pre_ms_model ierr          -1

 do_load1_star ierr          -1

 before_evolve_loop ierr          -1

DATE: 2022-10-21

TIME: 00:00:57

The &star_job section of my inlist project is:


  ! see star/defaults/star_job.defaults

  ! begin with a pre-main sequence model

    create_pre_main_sequence_model = .true.

  ! save a model at the end of the run

    save_model_when_terminate = .false.

    save_model_filename = '1M.mod'

  ! nuclear reactions

    rate_tables_dir = 'customRates'

    change_initial_net = .true.

    new_net_name = 'pp_and_cno_extras.net'

  ! pause before terminate

    pause_before_terminate = .true.

  ! display on-screen plots

    pgstar_flag = .true.

/ ! end of star_job namelist

I would appreciate some support on how to properly add custom reaction
rates, and use them in my simulations.


Brian Lutz

Physics Major

South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

Phone: 303-350-8767

Email: Brian.Lutz at mines.sdsmt.edu
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