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Mare Dedeu lamarededeusenyor at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 18 19:01:21 UTC 2022

Dear all,

I am doing a few experiments with mesa/binary and I have a few questions. I
would appreciate any input. I am relatively new to mesa.

1- Is there any limit in the initial eccentricity and separation of the
binary that one can assume? Since this is 1D, I am guessing that there must
be a limit for this. If I choose the initial separation to be 10Rsun and
ecc = 0.9999 I am guessing that I will be running into a snag.

2- How can I plot the light curve? And the power, eccentricity evolution,
semi-major axis?

3- How can I tell gyre to only analyse one of the two stars taking part in
the collision?

Thanks and apologies for the ignorance!

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