[Mesa-users] A question regarding the "extras_start_step" function when using the MESAbinary module

曾耀田 zengyaotian at ynao.ac.cn
Fri Jun 24 09:37:05 UTC 2022

Hi Rob and MESA-users,

Thanks for your reply and suggestion! 

Following your suggestion, I called the extras_start_step function for each star in the extras_binary_start_step function and now it seems to work properly (see attachment). 

Because I don't know the MESAbinary module well, the thing I was worried about before was whether there was a conflict with other functions in the MESAbinary module when calling the extras_start_step function causing the MESAbinary module to cancel calling this function. Your answer dispelled my doubts. 

I wonder if the new version addresses this little bug? I think this will make it easy to port the program used in run_star_extras.f in the MESAstar module directly to run_star_extras.f in the MESAbinary module for use.

Many Thanks,

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It's a bug.

There is however an extras_binary_start_step routine you could call, and in that you could call each star's extras_start_step.


On Fri, 17 Jun 2022 at 11:57, 曾耀田 <zengyaotian at ynao.ac.cn> wrote:

Dear MESA users,

I am using MESAbinary module for binary evolution calculations, using MESA version 12778, and as a first step, I am testing with the example provided in MESA's /binary/work directory. I only changed the "run_star_extras.f" file in the /binary/work/src/ directory. I tested whether the "extras" functions were called properly by outputting some sentences to the screen, and found that the "extras_start_step" function was not running. This seems to be different from when I use the MESAstar module. My question is why this function is not called by the MESAbinary module. I would appreciate it if anyone could give me some suggestions or comments.

Attached is the run_star_extras.f file that I have changed and the "log" file showing the out put of the screen.

Best wishes,

mesa-users at lists.mesastar.org

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