[Mesa-users] Question about tidal synchronization and circulization

Ali Pourmand pourmand at ualberta.ca
Wed Jan 26 00:25:52 UTC 2022


I have been having a problem with the MESA binary package, namely on the
tidal synchronization and circulization switches; I can't seem to turn
these effects on or off.

I have evolved my stars with two different inlists; the first one has:

   do_tidal_sync = .true.

   sync_type_1 = 'Hut_conv'
   sync_type_2 = 'None'
   sync_mode_1 = 'Uniform'
   sync_mode_2 = 'Uniform'
   do_initial_orbit_sync_1 = .true.
The second one has:

   do_tidal_sync = .false.

   do_initial_orbit_sync_1 = .false.
I also tried evolved with both true and false for the following switch:
   do_tidal_circ = .true.

None of these make a difference in the outcomes whatsoever.
I wanted to ask whether I am not including something in the inlists, or is
there another problem.

More generally, Is the code's default to initiate tidal synchronization or
not? I am also wondering how there are two independent switches for
circulization and synchronization; namely, is it possible for one switch to
be off without the other?

Ali Pourmand
M.Sc. student,
University of Alberta
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