[Mesa-users] Time Resolution Convergence Testing in MESA 12778

Rob Farmer robert.j.farmer37 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 19 11:20:21 UTC 2022

You're correct, previous versions of MESA dont have time_delta_coeff.
You'll need to look at mesa's other timestep controls control.defaults
timestep-controls section.

Note that mesh_delta and time_delta are both hammers; they are designed to
make it simple to change the resolution but in both cases there are many
other options to do more fine tuned changes in resolution.

If you want to stop pulsations try setting pextra_factor=4 to apply extra
pressure at the surface.


On Wed, 19 Jan 2022 at 11:55, Nicholas Herrington via Mesa-users <
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> Hi all,
> I am using mesa version 12778 and I have been encountering some issues
> with my models, so I am testing the time stepping to how this effects the
> issues. I see on the MESA website that *varcontol_target *changes the
> differences in the structure variables between models but it states not to
> use this for time resolution convergence testing, rather use *time_delta_coeff
> *instead. When testing this, MESA will not run as it does not recognise
> this control, I presume this is because I am using an older version. Is
> there a similar control to this or any recommended way of time resolution
> convergence testing in the version of MESA I am currently using.
> Problem context: I am running a series of rapidly accreting pop III
> supermassive stars and I am currently trying to understand, by reducing the
> timestep, when the difficulties first emerge in the runs. I suspect these
> are issues resulting from pulsations as a result of the TOV approximation
> that is applied to these stars.
> Thanks
> Nick
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