[Mesa-users] Time Resolution Convergence Testing in MESA 12778

Nicholas Herrington up813350 at myport.ac.uk
Wed Jan 19 10:54:10 UTC 2022

Hi all,

I am using mesa version 12778 and I have been encountering some issues with my models, so I am testing the time stepping to how this effects the issues. I see on the MESA website that varcontol_target changes the differences in the structure variables between models but it states not to use this for time resolution convergence testing, rather use time_delta_coeff instead. When testing this, MESA will not run as it does not recognise this control, I presume this is because I am using an older version. Is there a similar control to this or any recommended way of time resolution convergence testing in the version of MESA I am currently using.

Problem context: I am running a series of rapidly accreting pop III supermassive stars and I am currently trying to understand, by reducing the timestep, when the difficulties first emerge in the runs. I suspect these are issues resulting from pulsations as a result of the TOV approximation that is applied to these stars.


PhD Student
University of Exeter
Nicholas Herrington
Nicholas.herrington at myport.ac.uk

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