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Susmita Das susmitadas130 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 11 10:17:19 UTC 2022

Hello all,
I'm trying to get the absolute magnitudes in the Kepler, TESS and Gaia
passbands using MESA-RSP.

1. I get the BC tables from
http://waps.cfa.harvard.edu/MIST/model_grids.html#bolometric and create a
new file "custom_color_file.dat" with the header:
 #Teff log_g M_div_h Kepler TESS Gaia_G Gaia_BP Gaia_RP

The "custom_color_file.dat" is saved in the $MESA_DIR/data/colors_data and
$MESA_DIR/colors/data directories as well as in my working directory.

2. In the inlist file, I include the following:
      color_file_names(1) = 'lcb98cor.dat'
      color_num_colors(1) = 11

3. Finally, in the "history_columns.list" file, I add the following:
          abs_mag Kepler
      abs_mag TESS
      abs_mag Gaia_G
      abs_mag Gaia_BP
      abs_mag Gaia_RP

I encounter the warning: "Warning found duplicated color data for (T, log
g, M/H)" (probably because of overlapping parameter space from
'lcb98cor.dat') and the following error:

  bad filter name: Kepler
 bad filter name: TESS
 bad filter name: Gaia_G
 bad filter name: Gaia_BP

(but strangely no mention of Gaia_RP) before it terminates.

May I please know what I'm missing?
Thank you!
Dr. Susmita Das
Department of Physics & Astrophysics
University of Delhi, Delhi - 110007
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