[Mesa-users] Calculate the epsilon of nuclear reaction

辛文宇 wyxin at nao.cas.cn
Thu Dec 29 06:32:49 UTC 2022

Hi Zingale,

Thank you very much for sharing this useful tool.

It is not what I want now, but it may be useful for me.

I will install it and have a try.



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Hi Wenyu, this might not be what you want, but just in case, here's how you can do this in python:


you'll need to install pynucastro (https://pynucastro.github.io/pynucastro/) via pip as:

pip install pynucastro

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I know the subotine of 

However, this subrotine give the epsilon of a centain network,

instead of one reaction.



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主题: [Mesa-users] Calculate the epsilon of nuclear reaction

Dear everyone:

I want to calculate the energy generation rate(epsilon) for a certain reaction rate.

Such as 12C+12C reaction rate, I want to calculate the epsilon of 12C+12C reaction

with rate from different references under different logT, logRho and mass fraction of

12C. Where this subrotine is in MESA_dir.



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