[Mesa-users] Adiabatic Mass Loss with Constant Entropy

Francis Timmes fxt44 at mac.com
Fri Dec 16 13:22:35 UTC 2022

hi connor,

there is not enough information provided to offer suggestions.
best practice is to include one's inlists and any customized run_star_extras.


> On Dec 7, 2022, at 7:13 AM, Connor Pickett via Mesa-users <mesa-users at lists.mesastar.org> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am a PhD student at the University of Surrey, where I am working on Common Envelope evolution. For the past couple of weeks, I have been attempting to create a model of adiabatic mass loss with constant entropy. I have been unsuccessful in my endeavors and was wondering if anyone in this group knew how to perform such a simulation.
> It is worth noting that I have attempted using the "create_initial_model = .true." command, as well as setting initial mass, radius, and temperature. No matter what I set the stellar parameters to, I am told that the temperature is "too low" for integration. I could put 10d30 as a temperature, and the program will still tell me that it cannot perform the integration. If anyone here could lend a hand, it would be greatly appreciated!
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