[Mesa-users] Help regarding custom mesa run

ABHIJNAN KAR 20064 abhijnank20 at iiserbpr.ac.in
Wed Dec 14 16:32:58 UTC 2022

Hi all,
I am currently working the recent mesa version in the field of binary evolution.I am trying to model a binary system consisting of neutron star and a donor star and its orbital parameter. However, what I want to do is that I want to stop the MESA at every step of run binary evolution run and take the output of each step, calculate those outputs in some other formulas regarding some parameters and again start the mesa with the output values from the formulas as input for next step and so on. Can anyone please help in the software aspect i.e how to stop the mesa at every step automatically and extract the output values to be used in some other formulae?
It would be extremely helpful!
Abhijnan Kar(He/his/him)
BS-MS,IISER Berhampur

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