[Mesa-users] shallow convection zone parameters

Anwesha Biswas kattayani1111 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 04:35:12 UTC 2022


 I am trying to evolve a co wd using the test suite make_co_wd.
the changes to the original inlist made by me:
log_L_lower_limit = -2d0 (inlist_settle, need to get down to Teff<10,000K)

added options in controls: (inlist_remove_envelope, inlist_settle,
delta_lgTeff_limit = 0.001d0
calculate_Brunt_N2 = .true.
write_pulse_data_with_profile = .true.
pulse_data_format = 'GYRE'
MLT_option = 'ML2'
mixing_length_parameter = 1.6d0

For around temperature 10860K to 11400K, at the base of convection
zone(checked by locating brunt_N2 going negative near surface)
an logS of ~ 9 erg/Kg and logP of ~ 9 dyne/cm2 is needed. However the
lowest I could get is logP(base of cvs) = 14.1dyne/cm2

Is there any way to achieve the desired pressure and entropy at bottom of
CVZ (tried varying mixing length parameter from 0.6 to 1.6 with not much

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