[Mesa-users] The Module of Network in MESA

辛文宇 wyxin at nao.cas.cn
Tue Aug 30 13:35:34 UTC 2022

Dear MESA-users, 

I have compiled the Module of sample_net.f according to the illustration

in https://docs.mesastar.org/en/release-r21.12.1/using_mesa/just_a_module.html.

With a certian logT, logRho and composition, it can output a value of eps_nuc.

But I am not sure whether this value has subtracted the epsilon of neutrino loss,

or this value is only the epsilon of nuclear reaction? 

I want to calculate the ignition line according to each burning stage, like pgstar 

TRho profile plot. Such as the ignition of C burning is defined as the energy 

generation rate of C burning equals to the energy loss rate by neutrinos.


Wenyu Xin
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