[Mesa-users] Problems of Adding Other Energy Sources to ccsn_IIp

陳永濬 herry3121300 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 06:13:40 UTC 2022

To whom it may concern,

I am Yung-Jiun Chen, currently an undergraduate student studying in the
Department of Physics at National Taiwan University (NTU).
Recently, I have been working on the research of superluminous supernovae
(Project Description: ASIAA Summer Student Program 2022 (sinica.edu.tw)
with MESA.
I can produce light curves with *make_pre_ccsn_IIp*, *ccsn_IIp,* and
However, I have problems adding other energy sources (e.g., magnetar, Ni,
or CSM) to *ccsn_IIp*.
I found that some commands may be useful in *run_star_extras.f90*,


!    x_ctrl(3-6) magnetar - part 6 only
!    x_ctrl(11-12) Ni mass - part 6 only
!    x_ctrl(15) length of time for Ni tail
!    x_ctrl(17) add csm - part 5 only
!    x_ctrl(35-36) where to put Ni


but the descriptions of how to use them are limited. How can I use them?

Yung-Jiun Chen
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