[Mesa-users] Heavy rotation in massive stars

amar at aries.res.in amar at aries.res.in
Thu Aug 18 09:34:26 UTC 2022

Dear mesa user, 

MESA_VERSION : mesa-r22.05.1 
OS : Ubuntu 20.04 

I am trying to evolve a heavily rotating 25 M_sun ZAMS star up to the stage of core-collapse by setting new_omega_div_omega_crit = 1.0 in inlist_mass_Z_wind_rotation. The model could successfully evolve up to the desired stage. Just to check if the rotation has been implemented correctly or not, I plotted "surf_avg_omega_div_omega_crit" against "star_age" when the run has finished inlist_to_zams . From the attached plot, I could see that the " surf_avg_omega_div_omega_crit'' has almost never touched the value of 1.0! 

So, I am just wondering if the rotation has been correctly employed in the model or not. Also, Is it because the "surf_avg_omega_div_omega_crit" represent the average value of " omega_div_omega_crit " at the surface? I am using satisfactory temporal and spatial resolution by setting : time_delta_coeff = 0.8, varcontrol_target = 1d-3, mesh_delta_coeff = 0.7, and mesh_delta_coeff_for_highT = 0.9. 

Please provide your suggestion. 

With regards, 

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