[Mesa-users] Error while installing old version of mesa

ABHIJNAN KAR 20064 abhijnank20 at iiserbpr.ac.in
Sun Aug 14 13:43:20 UTC 2022

I am trying to install Mesa version of 9575 to reproduce result of a paper.I have also installed sdk for that version.But while doing ./mk in binary_both_stars it is showing the following error:
gfortran -Wno-uninitialized -fno-range-check -fmax-errors=12  -fprotect-parens -fno-sign-zero -fbacktrace -ggdb -finit-real=snan -fopenmp -fbounds-check -Wuninitialized -Warray-bounds  -ffree-form -x f95-cpp-input -I../../../../include  -c ../src/run_star_extras.f
f951: Warning: Nonexistent include directory '../../../../include' [-Wmissing-include-dirs]
../src/run_star_extras.f:230: Error: Can't open included file 'formats'
make: *** [run_star_extras.o] Error 1

Any help will be appreciated.
Abhijnan Kar(He/his/him)
BS-MS,IISER Berhampur

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