[Mesa-users] Setting H-envelope mass in subdwarfs

Kunal Deshmukh kunaldes225 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 05:38:44 UTC 2022


I am looking into the make_sdb test case with plans to work on sdB
evolution. The inlist_make_sdb file by default includes the lines -

     ! simulate common envelope event removing H envelope
           relax_initial_mass_to_remove_H_env = .true.
           lg_max_abs_mdot = -1

I wish to retain H-envelopes of varying masses. I found the
"extra_mass_retained_by_remove_H_env" command in the defaults file. Is this
the right command to use or are there other ways to do it?

Also, any other noteworthy precautions would also be appreciated.

Thank you,
Kunal Deshmukh
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