[Mesa-users] No mass loss secondary star binary with large nuclear network

Hannah Brinkman brinkmanhe at gmail.com
Mon Sep 27 08:49:52 UTC 2021

Dear mesa-users,

During one of my recent runs with a binary star in MESA, I noticed that my
secondary star was not losing any mass. The star is fully evolved and
behaves normally as far as I can see for a star of constant mass. However,
when I use the same inlists and run_star_extras.f file with a smaller
nuclear network (63 isotopes instead of 209), the star is losing mass, as
it should. I did another test with a network of 125 isotopes, and the
secondary is not losing mass for this network either.

When I use the inlists for a single star, the star is behaving normally,
and also the primary star of the binary star is behaving normally. Can
someone explain to me what is going on with my secondary star? I've
attached the inlists, run_star_extras.f and the 209 isotope network.

With kind regards,
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