[Mesa-users] 2022 Saas-Fee course on multi-messenger astrophysics open for registration

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Thu Sep 16 13:00:23 UTC 2021


Dear Colleagues,

The 51th "Saas-Fee Advanced Course" of the Swiss Society for Astrophysics
and Astronomy (SSAA) will be held from *24 to 28 January 2022* in Saas-Fee,
in the Swiss Alps. This course has taken place annually since 1971 and will
be devoted in 2022 to:

Compact-Object Astrophysics in the Era of Multi-Messenger Astronomy


Our four distinguished lecturers that will cover the topics:


   *Detection and analysis of gravitational wave data*.( Prof. Samaya

   *The astrophysical origin of coalescing double compact objects*. (Prof.
   Ilya Mandel)

   *Analysis and interpretation of multi-messenger campaigns of coalescing
   double compact objects*. (Prof. Raffaella Margutti)

   *Understanding electromagnetic signatures of coalescing double compact
   objects*. (Prof. Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz)

Formal lectures in the morning will be followed by *interactive hands-on
sessions *in the evenings, *A several-hour-long afternoon break is
scheduled, when the participants are encouraged to do winter sports or
simply interact with each other.*

*Due to COVID-19 related restrictions and other logistical aspects, the
number of participants will be limited to approximately 60 people. We will
close inscriptions after reaching this limit.  *

All details can be found on the school website:

Note that accommodation should be booked separately by each participant,
see https://www.astro.unige.ch/saasfee2022/venue *before 24 October 2021.*

Please forward this message to students and colleagues who might be

The organizing committee.

Tassos Fragos , Carlo Ferrigno, Maurizio Falanga, Myriam Burgener Frick,
Marie-Claude Dunand

P.S.: Apologies if you receive this message more than once.
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