[Mesa-users] Test Suite: 1M_pre_ms_to_wd

Erica A Sawczynec ericasaw at utexas.edu
Thu Nov 18 20:01:34 UTC 2021

Hi All!
	I have been tinkering with the 1M_pre_ms_to_wd test suite to try to look at the depth of the convection zone boundary as a function of opacity. I have an altered version that no longer uses the to_end_wd inlist and I set the envelope mass limit so the to_end_agb inlist doesn’t actually go too far past the MS turn-off. I want to finely sample the  MS so I tried turning on the max_years_for_timestep keyword in the debugging section. I set it to something small like 1d5, which feels reasonable for the MS, but I’ve noticed whenever I do this, the test suite evolves a 1M_sol star to the end of the MS in ~600 Myr (which isn’t possible). 
	I thought that the max_years_for_timestep would keep the time to evolve to the MS turn-off the same, but increase the sampling of the MS, is that not the case? I even tried increasing the mass model number (up to 65000), thinking maybe that imposed some sort of restriction on the model, but even then the age of the star at the end of the run is way too young. I’ve attached my changed inlist below, note that it will “fail” with the "failed to create end_agb.mod when running inlist_to_end_agb_header” error, but there is still a history.data file where you can look at the results of the run. 
	I cannot help but feeling I am missing something silly here, but I just can’t figure out what it is. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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