[Mesa-users] A publication employing MESA and STELLA

amar at aries.res.in amar at aries.res.in
Wed May 12 06:07:10 UTC 2021

Dear Jared, 

It gives me immense pleasure to share with you our paper titled "Progenitor mass constraints for the type Ib intermediate-luminosity SN 2015ap and the highly extinguished SN 2016bau" that has been accepted for publication in MNRAS yesterday. This has now appeared on ArXiv today. 

We used MESA and STELLA to evolve and explode a 12 M_sun ZAMS progenitor. Your comments and suggestion in the MESA user forum were extremely helpful to us. We have acknowledged you and entire MESA Members in our paper for your constant support and motivations. You people are really great and, we as a student are extremely grateful to the entire MESA community. 

I am also attaching the pdf file of our paper, please take a look. 

Now we have taken up a difficult problem of simulating a core-collapse supernovae from a 9 M_sun ZAMS progenitor. We have some success in this direction too but playing with few parameters. We shall keep you updated with our emails in mesa user forum. 

Once again, I thank you from bottom of my heart for your constant support. 

With tons of regards and thanks, 

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