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Thanks Warrick!
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Hi Guglielmo,

I think `total_mass h1` has a fairly intuitive definition: it's the total mass of all the hydrogen-1 in the star.  If the units are unclear, it's in solar masses.

If you want to see how something like this is defined, a good place to start is `star/private/history.f90`.  If you search for `total_mass` eventually you'll find (on line 3771 in r15140):

        val = star_avg_x(s,i)*s% xmstar/Msun

`s% xmstar` is the star's total mass, `i` is the index of that isotope in the abundance array (`h1` is usually 1) and `star_avg_x` is defined in the same file (lines 3545–3553):

     real(dp) function star_avg_x(s,j)
        type (star_info), pointer :: s
        integer, intent(in) :: j
        if (j == 0) then
           star_avg_x = 0
        end if
        star_avg_x = dot_product(s% xa(j,1:s% nz),s% dq(1:s% nz))/sum(s% dq(1:s% nz))
     end function star_avg_x



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On Tue, 11 May 2021, mesa-users at lists.mesastar.org wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm wondering, where can I find the definition of total_mass h1 (column in hystory_columns) and how is it computed?
> Thanks for your kindness,
> best regards,
> Guglielmo
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