[Mesa-users] MESA GitHub Repository & Changes to Docs URLs

Josiah Schwab jwschwab at ucsc.edu
Mon Jun 7 00:17:17 UTC 2021

Hello All,

The MESA repository is now public on GitHub at
https://github.com/MESAHub/mesa .

This fact itself does not require any action from users.  More information
about suggested patterns of user engagement via GitHub will be circulated
with the next release.  MESA support requests should continue to be made
through this mailing list and not through GitHub issues.

For now, version r15140 continues to be the most recent release.  The main
branch on GitHub is the development version of MESA, so you should not use
it (just as was the case with non-release versions in the SVN).

The documentation at docs.mesastar.org now has multiple versions.  Beware
that the version indicator shown in the URL and on the page has changed
meaning.  Previously, as there was only one version, 'latest' referred to
r15140.  However, now 'latest' indicates the development version.  Going
forward, you should be careful to select the appropriate version of the
docs using the dialog located on the lower left of the page.  You will
likely need to update the URLs of previously bookmarked pages to reflect
this change.

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