[Mesa-users] Luminosity or energy released by nuclear reactions in the PP chain CNO cycle in the solar main sequence phase

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Frank has a guide for an older version of mesa for getting the reaction
rate https://zenodo.org/record/3372837

With the rate you can then get the energy from the difference in mass
between the left and right hand side of the equation. Frank's guide has the
function show_stuff which gets the eps_nuc. Note you'll need to make sure
you have all the isotopes and the reactions you're interested in, in your
nuclear network.


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> I've wondered similar things. Normally, in the principal branch of the pp
> chain, He3+He3 -> He4 + 2 p happens quickly enough that little He3 is
> around long-term and the entire pp chain can be regarded as a single
> reaction, but for minimum-mass red dwarves proton burning and He3 burning
> are separate phases of the star's life. Of course, since He3 burning
> releases protons, some proton burning occurs during the He3 burning phase,
> so it would be nice to be able to view the rates of the two reactions
> separately during the He3 burning phase, as well as the transition between
> phases.
> Dec 22, 2021 22:59:58 王浩 <wangfeihao at stu.xju.edu.cn>:
> Hello All,
> I wonder if MESA can be used to output the luminosity released by each
> nuclear reaction in the PP chain and CNO cycle of the solar main sequence
> stage. For example,Beryllium 7 captures electrons to produce lithium 7 and
> neutrinos in the ppII chain, Can we use MESA to output the energy
> (luminosity) released by this reaction?
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