[Mesa-users] New look for the MESA homepage

Evan Bauer evan.bauer.astro at gmail.com
Mon Dec 20 19:57:40 UTC 2021

Hi Everyone,

Along with the recent release of r21.12.1, we have also finished migrating the MESA homepage and documentation to docs.mesastar.org <http://docs.mesastar.org/>. While the landing page currently warns that some documentation may still be incomplete, you should be able to find everything from the old website on this new docs website.

The old homepage mesa.sourceforge.net <http://mesa.sourceforge.net/> will simply redirect you to docs.mesastar.org <http://docs.mesastar.org/>.

On behalf of the MESA team (Bill P, Aaron, Adam, Anne, Bill W, Earl, Eoin, Evan, Frank, Josiah, Lars, Matteo, Meridith, Pablo, Radek, Rich, Rob, Warrick)

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