[Mesa-users] stop because hit EOS limits -- min_logQ < logQ_min_limit

Rob Farmer r.j.farmer at uva.nl
Mon Sep 7 08:11:50 EDT 2020

You don't really want to turn the error off as that's telling you your
model has exited the region defined by the EOS.

It's hard to tell what to do without seeing inlists/t-rho plot. But I
expect you have a very cold low density envelope? if so, maybe try mlt++ to
keep the envelope bound, or add a bit of mass loss to remove the very outer
layers of the star.


On Mon, 7 Sep 2020 at 08:13, Jelena Petrović <jpetrovic at aob.rs> wrote:

> Dear all,
> I am calculating 9 Ms helium star evolution and when the star finishes
> carbon&oxygen core burning, model stops with a message:
> stop because hit EOS limits -- min_logQ < logQ_min_limit
> How can I switch this off to be able to calculate to the formation of Fe
> core?
> Thanks!
> Jelena
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