[Mesa-users] Log_LHe as a function of shell in star

Josiah Schwab jwschwab at ucsc.edu
Wed Sep 2 13:34:43 EDT 2020

Hi Richard,

Hello, I am running mesa-r10398. Is it possible using MESA to plot the
> log_LHe or log_LH by position or shell inside the star? The log_LHe and
> log_LH can be outputted in the history file to see how these change during
> the star's lifetime, but is it also possible to retrieve these values from
> the profile number files to see how Log_LHe or log_LH varies as a function
> of shell or position?

Yes.  You want the following profile columns:

   ! ergs/g/sec for reaction categories
   !add_reaction_categories ! this adds all the reaction categories
      ! NOTE: you can list specific categories by giving their names (from
      ! This will generate columns labeled burn_ELEMENT
      ! i.e. burn_ar, burn_c, burn_fe etc and also c12_c12, c12_o16 etc

LH is the integral of (pp + cno) * dm and LHe of tri_alfa * dm.

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