[Mesa-users] dt limit for binary system

Josiah Schwab jwschwab at ucsc.edu
Tue Sep 1 20:16:49 EDT 2020

Hi Amedeo,

is there no way one could take pre-CE simulations, simulate a simplified
> version of CE on his own and then start MESA again once the CE is supposed
> to dissipate?

This is certainly something one could do, but there is no built-in or
"cookbook" way of doing it, so you'll have to do the hard work yourself.

One possible procedure might look something like:

A) Stop the binary run just before the CE and save the models.

B) Take the model that will lose its envelope and put it in a single-star
run.  Remove its outer layers rapidly using controls like
Once things have settled down, save a model.

C) Calculate what you think the post-CE orbital period should be, possibly
using information from the models in at step A.

D) Start a new binary run with one of the stellar models from step A and
the stripped model from step B, and start them with the initial period you
calculated in step C.

You'll likely need to tailor that approach based on what sorts of
scientific questions you're looking to answer.

Hope that helps,
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