[Mesa-users] Orphaned binary history column?

Alison Sills asills at mcmaster.ca
Mon Oct 19 10:20:06 EDT 2020


I'm using MESA to look at yields from binary evolution. In version 
r12778, there's a binary history column in the defaults that looks useful:

       !lg_mdot_system h1 ! you can use lg_mdot_system <isotope> to get 
the mass loss
                          ! rate from the system corresponding to a 
particular isotope.

However, when I try to uncomment this and use it, I get "Unknown 
binary_history_columns.list column" and sure enough, there is no mention 
of lg_mdot_system in any of the source code that I can find.

Was this something that existed in an older version of MESA and how can 
I find out which version?

I was prepared to write my own routine, and I can still do that of 
course, but if the code already exists...



Alison Sills
Professor, Physics & Astronomy

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