[Mesa-users] How to stop calculating the primary evolution details?

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a slightly less simple option is to do this through run_binary_extras. The
function binary_set_point_mass_i can be called in extras_binary_finish_step
to turn either component into a point mass. This would require you to
explicitly code the terminating condition into run_binary_extras. An
example of this can be found in


where one star is turned into a point mass at core helium depletion (this
is to emulate BH formation from direct collapse).

Whether you choose to continue the evolution by saving a model as Rob
suggests, or instead code it into run_binary_extras, you need to be sure to
have appropriate options setup for Eddington limited mass transfer. This
depends on what you're actually trying to model, is the star being set into
a point mass assumed to become a compact object, or instead is it just a
stellar object for which you don't want to spend resources modelling its
further evolution?


On Mon, May 11, 2020 at 2:20 PM Rob Farmer via Mesa-users <
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> Hi,
> A simple option would be to have the secondary write out a mod file at the
> point where you stop.Then that mod file can then be loaded in a single star
> run (copying over the inlists used for the secondary) or if you still want
> the point particle secondary then have the inlist1 load that mod file (and
> set the secondary inlist appropriately). Thus do what you tried but instead
> of using a photo use a saved mod file.
> Rob
> On Thu, 7 May 2020 at 22:18, Jelena Petrović <jpetrovic at aob.rs> wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> I have calculated evolution of a massive binary to the point that the
>> primary finished carbon core burning and the secondary is still a main
>> sequence star.
>> I need to now stop calculating the primary evolution details and treat
>> it further as a point star, but I am not managing to set this properly.
>> If I try 'evolve both stars = .false', the evolution of the secondary is
>> not calculated. If I swap inlist1 and inlist2 definitions in
>> inlist_project, the code crashes immediately
>> after I restart with ./re <x...>
>> Is there a way to stop calculating the primary evolution details and
>> follow further only the secondary evolution?
>> Many thanks,
>> Jelena
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