[Mesa-users] Problem with high rotation

Al va ostiavamos at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 01:27:31 EDT 2020

Hi everyone!

I just began learning MESA and I found the next problem. I'm evolving 2M
models that start rotation at the end of PMS, for several  OMega/Omega_c,
using this in my inlist.

new_rotation_flag = .true.

relax_omega_div_omega_crit = .true.

relax_initial_omega_div_omega_crit = .false.

near_zams_relax_omega_div_omega_crit = .true.

new_omega_div_omega_crit = 0.65

set_omega_div_omega_crit= .true.

num_steps_to_relax_rotation = 100

For values of new_omega_div_omega_crit < 0.64 there is no problem, but for
highest values I’m getting this

stopping because of problems dt < min_timestep_limit

I have changed the min_step_limit in my inlist and I keep getting the same
error. Also I tried to modify varcontrol_target and didn't work either.

For dt_limt value on the screen I got max increase.

I'm using mesa 12115

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