[Mesa-users] Issues with mass loss from 20Msun star

Josiah Schwab jwschwab at ucsc.edu
Mon Mar 9 11:02:48 EDT 2020

Hi Hannah,

However, my main issue is that from version 10389 to version 12115 the same
> wind prescription can give a factor of about 4 difference in the total mass
> loss while in the HRD nothing, as far as I am aware, changes enough to give
> such a huge difference. I was wondering whether there might be deeper
> underlying reasons for this change in the total mass lost.

I suspect that the evolutionary tracks between the 2 versions are different
in some significant way.  This could be due to a difference in the
physical assumptions (e.g., differences in overshooting affecting lifetimes
affecting mass loss).  Or it could be that the calculations are not
numerically converged, but the timestepping between the two versions is
different enough that the results are different (the appendix in the Renzo
et al. paper Rob linked to has some discussion of this later point.)

At any rate, some plots comparing your different results would be helpful
to identify where the differences are arising (HR diagrams, stellar mass vs
time, etc.).

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