[Mesa-users] Issues with mass loss from 20Msun star

Hannah Brinkman brinkmanhe at gmail.com
Fri Mar 6 10:29:28 EST 2020

Dear all,

Recently I have been trying to make pre-SN models for a 20Msun star, using
the inlist given by  Frank Timmes a couple of weeks ago. The inlist works
fine when using the settings given in the inlist. However, I have
encountered two issues around the mass loss. The first issue is, that when
using the mass loss as given in the inlist, about 11Msun for this star,
which is a bit much. And when switching from the exponential overshoot
given in the inlist to the step-overshoot I have been using before, the
winds become so strong that the star loses 13Msun, which is the entire
hydrogen envelope of this star, which should not happen yet for this mass.
The second issue that I have encountered is that the wind scheme in the
run_star_extras.f has the opposite problem. Since updating from version
10398 to version 12115, the custom wind scheme, following Schootemeijer et
al. 2018, is no longer working right, making the star lose only 2.5Msun
instead of the expected ~10Msun which it did in version 10398. However, I
cannot find what might be the problem here.

Does anyone have any idea where these issues might come from? Attached is
the inlist I have used and the run_star_extras.f.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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