[Mesa-users] Question about GR corrections for SMS

Josiah Schwab jwschwab at ucsc.edu
Wed Jul 29 22:10:38 EDT 2020

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the details.   Before getting to that, I still haven’t gotten an
> answer to my initial question concerning the form of the correction
> currently in mesa compared to the corresponding term in “other codes such
> as Kepler and Geneva” according to Nicholas’ original email: (1/(1 -
> 2*G*m(r*c^2)).

That's the factor from the TOV equation, which is the GR "truth".  The (1-
2GM/(r*c^2)) factor there isn't coming from a weak-field Taylor expansion
of some term with a sqrt.

I do not understand the origin of the MESA use_gr_factors correction.  To
cut down on confusion, I will follow up with you and others elsewhere, and
then we can report back to mesa-users when we've got things sorted out.

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