[Mesa-users] How to show li7 abundance evolution?

Meisel, Zach meisel at ohio.edu
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Hi Jiarong,

What net are you using?  The default is basic.net, which only contains 1H, 3He, 4He, 12C, 14N, 16O, 20Ne, and 24Mg, so that may be your issue.


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Dear mesa-users,

I am Jiarong, a grad student in astrophysics. I am current working on lithium problem with the help of mesa. My question may seem stupid: I use create_pre_mainsequence_model to create stars with mass like 1.5 Msun and I want to see the evolution of abundances, especially Li6 and Li7 abundances. But I failed to display Li in Abundance window. I add li7 in profile_column.ist, and also use Abundance_which_isos_to_show(7) = ‘li7’ in inlist_pgstar but still can not see li7.

Maybe I miss an important step, maybe li7 is just not in the net, I am very confused. Do I need to set up initial Li7 abundance? Can anyone give me an idea?

I am working on macOS Mojave(Version 10.14.5), using MESA_11701 and MESA SDK 20190503.

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