[Mesa-users] Select envelope zones only in a model

Bill Wolf wmwolf at asu.edu
Mon Jul 15 23:10:18 EDT 2019

Hi Matheus,

I don't think you've given enough information for us to help you. Do you just want to investigate this property after a run? You can enable the profile column log_L_div_Ledd. Then you can filter out cells from the surface down to where eps_nuc is above some threshold value above which you call it "burning".

If you need to do something with this data at runtime, then how you approach this problem will depend on what hook you are trying to use, since we can't be sure what values are set at the time you are trying to access the data. That is, what function/subroutine are you trying to do analysis in?



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Hello everyone,

My name is Matheus, I'm an undergraduate student and I'm using MESA (r9575) to study the evolution of massive stars.

I'm looking for the luminosity at each zone from the envelope (assuming the envelope is the outermost part of the star which has no element burning) and testing whether these luminosity are larger or not than Eddington's luminosity.

Since I don't want to test the super-Edd luminosity throughout all the zones, my question is how can I select only envelope zones using the star_data.inc variables (I intend to program this at the run_star_extras.f90).

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