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Thank you for your help; I have read the "Getting Started" section and still am not quite sure as to what to do.

I think I can run the rsp_Cepheid module from the test suites, but I am not quite sure what the correct output is supposed to be or look like.

Lastly, I installed the 2_rsp.zip file for instrument paper but do not know how to use them.

My apologies if this is too forward or

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Dear Alex,

RSP can model light curves of Cepheids and RR Lyrae stars as described in the instrument paper (Section 2 already contains some practical advice about running the models).
I think it is best to start playing with test_suite examples (those that start with rsp).
You can also find all inlists that were used to generetae plots in the instrument paper at zenodo:

If you haven't run MESA before, start with
to learn about basics: inlists, output and running the models.

pt., 28 cze 2019 o 19:53 Wallace, Alexander <aawallace at mail.smu.edu<mailto:aawallace at mail.smu.edu>> napisał(a):


I recently the most recent versions of MESA (11701) and MESASDK (released on May 3) and have a question or two about the new radial stellar pulsation functionality. I read section 2 of the last instrument paper (Modules for Experiments in Stellar Astrophysics (MESA): Pulsating Variable Stars, Rotation, Convective Boundaries, and Energy Conservation), and it was my understanding that RSP can be used to generate light curves of variable stars such as classical Cepheids and RR Lyrae. Is this correct, and if it is, is there some kind of documentation/tutorial that described how this is done?

Many thanks,


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