[Mesa-users] compounding offset error with MESA and .gyre output

Dennis Stello dennis.stello at sydney.edu.au
Thu Feb 28 02:04:13 EST 2019

Hi Meridith,

Do you restart from the photo or a saved mesa model (.mod file)?
If the former, I have no answer, if the latter, try restart from a photo 


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On 28/02/2019 17:17, Meridith Joyce via Mesa-users wrote:
> Hi All,
> Bit of an oddly specific question here:
> I'm stopping and starting MESA on very short time intervals (on the 
> order of half a year, in some cases) and generating GYRE profiles at 
> each of those times.
> Proceeding chronologically, for the first 5 or so such .gyre models 
> out of a set of, say, 20, the stellar radius at the appropriate value 
> of t in MESA's history file, say R(t), is in near exact agreement with 
> the radius passed to the .gyre file.
> With increasing evolutionary time, however, an offset between R(t) in 
> the history file and the radius given to .gyre (say R_gyre) emerges. 
> The discrepancy between R(t) and R_gyre worsens the more .gyre models 
> I try to produce from a single run of ./star.
> All of the .gyre files in a set are generated from a single 
> evolutionary run---though that run may proceed discontinuously---using 
> the same inlist and controls. I've attached one of my inlists for 
> example.
> My instinct is that this is due to some quirk or error which 
> iteratively compounds a loss of precision or numerical misalignment 
> each time I stop and restart the models. The attached figures perhaps 
> demonstrate my problem more clearly.
> Has anyone encountered this before or know a way around it?
> Thank you,
> Dr. Meridith Joyce
> PhD, Dartmouth College & SAAO
> RSAA Postdoctoral Fellow
> Australian National University
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