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Gökhan Yücel gokhanyucel at akdeniz.edu.tr
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Hi Rob,

Thanks for answer. I had figured out most of it but some of them, like "mx2_top", were challenging. I have checked "history_columns.list" after your suggestion and it looks like it has everything i need.

Thanks again.

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The best place for working out what a column is to look in the history_columns.list and profile_columns.list in $MESA_DIR/star/defaults.

While those options you show do not have explanations, you can make a reasonable inference from its name. Take the string "center_ye" split it into "center", so we now it applies to a quantity at the center of the star, and "ye" the electron fraction, so its the electron fraction of the star at its center, while center_c12 is the central abundance of carbon 12.

>Also, there are columns that exactly same values such as "log_center_T" and "log_cntr_T". Why these extra columns are exist?

The history_columns.list says the "log_cntr_T" is provided as a short hand for "log_center_T"


On Mon, 25 Feb 2019 at 13:34, Gökhan Yücel <gokhanyucel at akdeniz.edu.tr<mailto:gokhanyucel at akdeniz.edu.tr>> wrote:
Hello everyone,

I just have started to use MESA for my thesis, and it works like a charm for now. But, I couldn't help myself to notice that there is no proper explanation for column names in output files, such as "center_ye" and "center_c12". I couldn't find any documentary about explanation for these columns. Also, there are columns that exactly same values such as "log_center_T" and "log_cntr_T". Why these extra columns are exist?

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